Agape Therapeutic Health Services

Agápe [a·ga·pe] (noun/adjective) is intentional response to promote well-being when confronted by that which generates ill-being.

Therapeutic (adjective) relating to the healing of disease; (noun) the branch of medicine concerned with the treatment of disease and the action of remedial agents.

Agape Therapeutic Health Services is a website promoting the healing benefits of body therapy and energy medicine to health conscious individuals.

If you live within the Greater Vancouver area you can schedule an appointment to receive a healing session in person. If you’re located in other areas of the world, then distance or remote energy medicine sessions are available.

Discovering Your Pathway to Healing

Healing can be defined as restoration to soundness, or to a state of balance within the body. To be sure, experiencing life on life’s terms gives everyone a unique personal history. Moreover, this history defines what healing is and how it looks for the individual.

Trusting yourself and experimenting upon new information is the beginning of healing. Discovering your resonant personal truths are like the keys opening a door. Walking along your pathway to healing often means stepping outside your comfort zone.

We are all social beings who thrive in safe, nurturing environments. No one is meant to go it alone through life. Everyone has moments of needing support and sometimes we just a witness for healing to occur.

“There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all argument, and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance. This principle is, contempt prior to examination.”
William Paley

The Five A’s to Change

Surrendering attachments takes courage as it means examining your beliefs and survival skills. Bringing these patterns into the light allows you to feel and heal any leftovers. This process of clearing the trapped energies of thoughts and emotions is the fastest way of changing behaviors. In fact, there is a direct relationship. The speed of change equals the level of willingness in practicing all of the five following steps.


Steps to HealingTo be sure, awareness is the first step leading to change. Nothing can flower or grow in the dark. The moment we become aware of anything, then change has begun.

“You cannot solve a problem with the same level of thinking that created it”
Albert Einstein

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”
Albert Einstein


Next comes acceptance. Practicing acceptance sounds simple, but it’s not always easy. This is a step that many people often miss. Life isn’t perfect. There are no perfect people or perfect situations. As a result, most people judge themselves or others because of it. This, in turn, leads to all kinds of dysfunctional self perceptions.


The third step leading to a lasting change is allowance. Allowance is a process of making space for your thoughts and emotions regarding what is happening in the moment. Unfortunately, most people skip this step. Exploring your thoughts and feeling your feelings allows them to be fully cleared and healed. Self judgement or fear of being judged by others often blocks or traps the energy of thoughts and emotions. Hidden thoughts and trapped emotions end up creating most of our pain.


The fourth step of change is action. For most individuals this is the second step after awareness. Unfortunately, taking action without practicing acceptance and allowance weakens it’s effectiveness, making it unsustainable. Blocked or trapped energies are like termites gnawing away internally weakening your resolve.


The final step of change is appreciation. An attitude of gratitude opens the mind and allows you to see what’s working well and going right. This is more than just a thought of gratitude or appreciation. This is a full body experience which can only be experienced by practicing all five steps.

Practice Focus

In short, my practice focus is finding and clearing imbalances creating acute and chronic pain.

Everyone consists of physical, mental, emotional, energetic, and spiritual components that are intimately interwoven. These components are called “bodies” and are really describing differences in energy density. On the whole, each body reflects upon and affects the others.

In short, this means that the underlying causes of pain are not always physical in origin. Imbalances may be anchored outside the physical body, while creating a presentation within the physical body.

Acute Pain

Acute pain is caused by local inflammation and is described as sharp, burning, cramping, aching or pressured. Often it eases as the physical injury heals. Common causes of include accidents, overuse injuries and life events like childbirth.

Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is labelled as such when it lasts beyond 3 months. Symptoms can be similar to acute pain or vague in nature. It’s often described as gnawing, pounding or deep aching. Generally there are no specific signs on x-rays or scans to indicate a source. Common examples include fibromyalgia, migraines, and Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Above all, chronic pain creates feelings of depression or hopelessness within individuals suffering from it.

My Perspective on Healing

For greater insight regarding my perspective on healing check out my core values.

Services Offered

Agape Therapeutic Health Services offers body therapy and energy medicine, specifically the Emotion Code and/or the Body Code. In person healing sessions can include both body therapy and energy medicine. Distance energy medicine healing sessions are available to individuals throughout the world.

Body Therapy

Body therapy releases imbalances from fascia and the fascial system. Learn more about the body therapy used at Agape Therapeutic Health Services.

Energy Medicine

Energy medicine naturally balances your system. Learn more about the energy medicine used at Agape Therapeutic Health Services.

Session Pricing

An energy medicine session varies in duration every time, for everyone. The session duration is not linked to the physical distance between client and practitioner.

Distance or Remote Energy Medicine Sessions

  • The session fee is $105.

This may be reduced for short duration sessions.

Onsite Sessions

Onsite sessions can be energy medicine or body therapy exclusively or in combination. When both modalities are offered in combination, the energy medicine portion is always done first.

  • 60 minutes * is scheduled for initial energy medicine sessions.
  • 90 minutes ** is scheduled for initial combination sessions.
  • Subsequent sessions are variable in length.

The fees charged for both initial and subsequent onsite sessions are adjusted to the nearest 15 minute increment.

It’s recommended to schedule a longer session time because it’s easy to shorten if necessary, whereas extending the time often creates a schedule conflict.

Client Testimonials

Heal my childhood traumas

I have been working with Kent over the past 5 years. Above all, Kent is enabling me to heal my childhood traumas and deep emotional pain. In short, he is intuitive, kind and powerful.

More than you can imagine

Learning about my cousins experience with the Body Code filled me with a curious skepticism. I was asking myself, “What kind of healing can happen over the phone with a stranger?”  In spite of this, I was willing to trust her and ended up contacting Kent. The Body Code is helping me discover and release […]

Life experiences end up creating emotional patterns

Working with Kent Smith is quite extraordinary. I had never heard of the Body Code System, but I was open to receiving change. I was really wanting to manage my frustrations regarding money owed by a particular client. Clearing the imbalances creating my frustrations was only the beginning. Of equal importance, learning more about myself […]

Dissolving what stands in the way

The Body Code is a remarkable modality. The best way of describing the Body Code is that it uncovers what lies hidden beneath the surface of an issue. Issues may be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual in nature. The Body Code ends up dissolving what stands in the way of healing. Thus restoring balance to […]

Sessions were transforming

Kent and I became acquainted through a training program. Learning about the Body Code was interesting as it’s another approach to healing. I tried three Body Code Sessions with Kent, each looking at separate issues. The path to revealing and healing the imbalances was sometimes surprising and slightly entertaining. I never knew the direction each […]

Deal with lifelong pain issues

I have played contact sports for all my life. I have also had several car accidents. Kent has solved many of my major sports injuries and also used his expertise to deal with lifelong pain issues due to emotional stress. I am so grateful that I have found such a great bodywork practitioner. You should […]

Knowing where my body needed treatment

I’d been experiencing chronic lower back pain since the age of 16. After many years and receiving various treatments, I had given up hope that I would ever be pain free. I came to the conclusion that I would just have to “learn to live with it”. Amazingly, three decades later, Kent Smith managed to […]

Intuitive gift of treatment

I’ve been a patient of Kent’s since 2007. I can attest to his intuitive gift of treatment that keeps me going and allows me to work as hard as I do. Most often my treatments consist of deep tissue work but at times I require the Body Code. The Body Code was very helpful in […]