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About me

Hi friends I'm Kent, the founder of Agape Therapeutic. I am a married family guy who grew into an alternative health practitioner because I was unhappy with the gaps and side-effects within the traditional medical approach to pain, abuse and trauma.

Growing up within active alcoholism, experiencing sexual abuse and much darker trauma left me feeling perpetually broken, riddled with unworthiness, anxiety, anger, guilt, shame and hopelessness.

My adverse childhood experiences  are the greatest motivators in searching for highly effective, natural healing tools and modalities.

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Free discovery chat sessions are available for exploring and experiencing a bit of what I do. Virtual sessions are available for anyone anywhere while in-person sessions are available locally within the Vancouver BC region.

No matter what you have experienced, my top priority is having you feel as safe as possible within a protected, non-judgemental space.  I look forward to meeting you.

 foundational concept

Epigenetics, Thoughts and Emotions

Epigenetics is the field of study focusing on how the inner environment of our body influences genetic expression. It tells us that our nutrition, environmental stressors, emotions, and our habitual thoughts can modify our genes, and that these modifications are heritable.

The research of Dr. Candace Pert and Dr. Bruce Lipton illuminates how cells receive and process information. This research has radically altered our understanding of life. Genes and DNA do not control our biology, rather the DNA is controlled by signals outside the cell, including the energetic messages emanating from our habitual thoughts - positive and negative.

The Brain Simplified... An Interconnected Trio

Our brains can be divided into three simple parts:

Brain Stem

The Brain Stem regulates unconscious body functions such as balance, blood pressure, breathing, facial sensations, hearing, heart rhythms, and swallowing. Within the Brain Stem, there is no concept of time and so everything is present moment.

the brain
Middle Brain

The Middle Brain contains the Limbic System which is responsible for sending signals to our organs and glands according to the types of thoughts we are thinking. The organs and glands release chemicals such as hormones into the circulation in response to those signals. The chemicals released end up creating reactions, responses and emotions within the body. 

So our "emotions" are a chemical translation of thoughts within the body, and the Middle Brain is the master controller. All signals to release any hormones originate within the Middle Brain, and hormones regulate all our body systems contributing to states of balance or imbalance. 

The Limbic System holds our memories as stories from the past in silos of similarity rather than in chronological order. Like the Brain Stem, the Limbic System cannot distinguish the difference between past, present or future events.

Higher Brain (Neocortex)

The Neocortex is the only part of the brain that can tell the difference between past, present and future. It creates new thoughts, solves problems, learns mathematics and languages but only processes a fraction of the information when compared to the Middle Brain.

Here is a very simplified chain of events:

Stress > Neocortex creates thoughts > Limbic System & Brain Stem respond > Body creates reactions, responses & emotions

Emotions are always "felt" in the moment as part of the triggered response. Once the perceived stress is gone, the Limbic System receives the message 'not happening now' from the Neocortex causing the activated story or memory to be deactivated by the parasympathetic nervous system. All reactions and responses will be brought back into balance.   

Are Adverse Childhood Experiences Taking You Hostage?

When adverse childhood experiences (ACE's) overwhelm the Neocortex and the problems cannot be solved, a state of overwhelm (freeze) occurs as the Brain Stem activates survival reactions. During this "freeze" the communication pathways between the Neocortex (problem-solver) and the Limbic System (reactor) are blocked.  As stated above, the Limbic System holds memories based on similarity rather than chronologically. ACE's will elicit a wide variety of reactions, responses and emotions, including the 'freeze', that are stored as part of the story or memory of the event.

Present day stressful events and/or negative thought patterns, that are similar in feeling or frequency, can bring these old stories or memories 'online'. When this happens, your present day responses will be exaggerated. It is kind of like being held hostage, you consciously have no control over the response. Even if your Neocortex is online and managing your thoughts, none of those new messages can reach your Limbic System to deactivate the story or memory that's brought online.

In reality, there is a lot more going on "under the hood" than this brief overview. The bottom line, being re-triggered into chronic 'fight or flight' responses leads to depletion along with real physical, mental and emotional issues. Break free from your adverse childhood experiences today!

 session Expectations 

What Happens During a Session

  • 01 - Communication

  • 02 - Find Starting Point

  • 03 - Follow the Lead

  • 04 - Wrap-Up

At the beginning of each virtual or in-person session, we discuss the priority items or concerns you are experiencing that day and/or receive feedback regarding prior session outcomes. This is the time to check-in about anything that you have noticed.

He Has Kept Me Going

I've been a client of Kent's since 2007. Over the years he has kept me going, allowing me to work as hard as I do. Most often my sessions are consisting of deep tissue work but at times I require the Body Code.

The Body Code was very helpful in my grieving the sudden loss of my brother. It's also helped me let go of other emotional issues from traumatic childhood events.

Kent listens and adapts his sessions to the specific needs of his clients. I've referred my friends and family to him with great results. I feel very fortunate to have found Kent as my intuitive bodywork practitioner and I'll follow him wherever he goes.

Laurie J. , Landscaper

Dissolving What Stands in the Way

The Body Code is a remarkable modality. The best way of describing the Body Code is that it uncovers what lies hidden beneath the surface of an issue. Issues may be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual in nature. The Body Code ends up dissolving what stands in the way of healing. Thus restoring balance to the whole being.

Kent's approach using the Body Code can be applied in so many different ways. It feels like there is no problem too big to tackle. Kent provides a welcoming and safe space allowing you to express your needs openly. I have experienced significant shifts by feeling heard and supported by Kent. I highly recommend Kent as a practitioner.

Heal My Childhood Traumas

I have been working with Kent over the past 9 years. Above all, Kent is enabling me to heal my childhood traumas and deep emotional pain. In short, he is intuitive, kind and powerful.

Ekram I. , Journalist

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