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Chronic pain sufferer

Will it ever end?

Is Chronic Pain the Bane of Your Existence?

Chronic pain is perhaps the one symptom that brings more individuals through the doors than any other, and it is also the one symptom that's hardest to deal with. All of us experience transient pain symptoms at some point, while about 10% of us have chronic symptoms that interfere with function.

Chronic pain syndromes, such as chronic headaches, temporomandibular disorder, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), interstitial cystitis/irritable bladder, pelvic pain, and others, cluster together in an individual. (1)

Chronic pain syndromes often wax and wane over time, with one or the other being dominant at any given point in time. In addition, they often go hand in hand with other somatic symptoms such as fatigue, insomnia, brain fog, and mood disturbances

From my perspective, your adverse childhood experiences and adult trauma events are major factors creating your chronic pain syndromes.

chronic back pain

basic details on pain

Understanding Pain 101...

 Pain is defined as "An unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage, or described in terms of such damage". (2)

Pain is a sensation you experience in your body that is subjective, as it's literally based upon your own past experiences with it.

  • The sensory dimension: Where does it hurt? How much does it hurt?
  • The emotional dimension: How unpleasant is the experience?
  • The cognitive dimension: How do you interpret the pain based on your previous experiences? Does it cause fear and anxiety? How do you respond to the threat posed by pain? 
chronic shoulder pain

Acute pain is caused by tissue damage, and it's often described as sharp, burning, cramping, aching or pressured. Acute pain diminishes as the physical injury heals.

Chronic pain is any pain lasting longer than 3 months. It may be similar to acute pain or it can be vague in nature, with no specific signs of tissue damage to indicate its source. Studies show that chronic pain is due in part to alterations in the cognitive and emotional regions of the brain responsible for pain regulation.


Here's What Some Are Saying...

Heal My Childhood Traumas

I have been working with Kent over the past 9 years. Above all, Kent is enabling me to heal my childhood traumas and deep emotional pain. In short, he is intuitive, kind and powerful.

Ekram I. , Journalist

More Than You Can Imagine

Learning about my cousins experience with the Body Code filled me with a curious skepticism. I was asking myself, "What kind of healing can happen over the phone with a stranger?"

In spite of this, I was willing to trust her and ended up contacting Kent. The Body Code is helping me discover and release the old wounds I've been carrying around. For instance, releasing my emotional baggage is like letting go of heavy, buried weights.

The clearing and healing I've been experiencing is profound. In short, receiving the Body Code has me answering my own question above with, “More than you can imagine!” Kent Smith is a truly gifted intuitive healer.

Domenica C. , Professional Chef

One of the best changes...I am feeling more open in my heart

I was pleased with the benefits I had received from the Emotion Code, but I was finding that I wanted more immediate results in my sessions. My intuition kept telling me that I would clear so much more if I was receiving bodywork along with the Emotion Code and so I started looking for a practitioner who did both together. It was hard to find someone but eventually I came across Kent’s website. I kept going back and reading, tuning in each time to see if it resonated and it did. I liked the clean, easy, quick descriptions on his website.

Kent uses and trusts the answers he gets with muscle testing implicitly. For example, during one session we were guided through a book that neither of us had read, and that wasn’t ours, to a page with what I needed. It talked about the exact supplement I was feeling prompted to buy but I hadn’t done so. In another session, I loved the feelings of having the weight of others lifted off me as I cleared the negative cords inherited from my ancestors. It wasn’t my stuff, I didn’t need to look at it or process it and so having it removed easily and quickly was such a relief.

I have been brought into a closer relationship with the inner presence within and above me, that guides and looks after me. Experiencing the purity and strength of that connection has changed my perspective. I acknowledge it more, the power that it is, confirms to me that I know what is best for me.

Besides feeling physically better, one of the best changes I’ve experienced is that I am feeling more open in my heart where I am wanting to date and really care for someone. This is huge for me, and I am seeing responses and how men are pursuing me.

There are a lot of great alternative health practitioners out there and I am pleased to recommend Kent as one of them whole heartedly.

Margaret J. , Education Assistant

He Has Kept Me Going

I've been a client of Kent's since 2007. Over the years he has kept me going, allowing me to work as hard as I do. Most often my sessions are consisting of deep tissue work but at times I require the Body Code.

The Body Code was very helpful in my grieving the sudden loss of my brother. It's also helped me let go of other emotional issues from traumatic childhood events.

Kent listens and adapts his sessions to the specific needs of his clients. I've referred my friends and family to him with great results. I feel very fortunate to have found Kent as my intuitive bodywork practitioner and I'll follow him wherever he goes.

Laurie J. , Landscaper

Dealing with Lifelong Pain Issues

I have played contact sports throughout my life and I have also had several car accidents. Kent has solved many of my major sports injuries and also used his expertise in dealing with lifelong pain issues due to emotional stress.

I am so grateful that I have found such a great intuitive bodywork practitioner. You should give him a try. You won't regret it.

Mandy M. , Auto Bodyshop Manager

Kent Smith

Hi, I'm Kent Smith

creator/owner of agape therapeutic health services

If you're experiencing chronic pain within your body, there is hope!

I spent years suffering, feeling frustrated and hopeless with chronic low back and pelvic pain symptoms. No matter what I was trying, the chronic patterns were not changing. But the steady pain was breaking down my resistance, and I became willing to look outside the box for alternative solutions. 

For many, chronic pain patterns are arising from residual trauma energies originating from adverse childhood experiences. Releasing the wreckage frees up your body, allowing it to unwind, align and re-balance itself.

My services are based upon the experience, strength and hope gained from a spectrum of professional training and personal life experiences. By doing my own work, I have discovered powerful and effective modalities that I bring to each session.

What Happens in a session

What I Do...

I utilize a variety of energy medicine modalities for identifying and releasing imbalances contributing to your chronic pain. I often use the Body Code™ System, Kinesiology Scan Lists and PSYCH-K® along with other powerful tools for both virtual and in-person clients.

In-person clients receive intuitive bodywork, as indicated, helping with reconnecting all body parts in the present moment. The amount and frequency of bodywork necessary is unique to you as it really depends on your ancestral inheritance along with your trauma history since conception.

Credentials and Experience

Tell me more about...

Frequently Asked Questions

how much does a session cost?

To start, all new virtual and in-person clients receive a free 30-minute virtual Zoom Chat session. This helps clarify what to schedule for your initial paid session. Session pricing is based on the overall time spent in a session.  Prices listed below are in Canadian dollars:

  • 30 minutes - $65
  • 45 minutes - $90
  • 60 minutes - $110
  • 75 minutes - $135
  • 90 minutes - $160
  • 105 minutes - $185
  • 120 minutes - $210

I recommend scheduling longer sessions as it is easier to shorten a session, while the opposite is true when trying to lengthen one. You are billed for the time spent rounded to the closest 15 minute increment. (eg. 65 minutes billed at $110)

where is your physical office and when are you there?

I am located in a shared office space on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the Kitsilano area of Vancouver. My office address is:

2956 West 4th Avenue - which is west of Bayswater Street, on the south side of 4th Avenue. The office is located on the second floor and so you take the outside stairs on the west side of the building which are located in the vegetation next to Little Bird Dim Sum.  

How do i get started?

To get started, all new virtual and in-person clients complete the following steps on the scheduling page.
Step 1 - Read and download the Client Consent Package
Step 2 - Access and fill out the New Client Intake History and Informed Consent Form
Step 3 - Schedule a virtual Zoom Chat session
For all subsequent sessions you will be either texting or emailing me to set up times that work.

what do you focus on?

The subconscious mind holds a record of all our life experiences and the order in which they can be released and healed. I use muscle testing to ask questions of the subconscious in order to determine the "focus" and priorities for each virtual and/or in-person session.
Subsequent sessions may be very similar or radically different depending on the "focus" and the identified priorities.

Agape - What does it mean?

The Greek word, agápē (pronounced uh-GAH-pay), is a Greco-Christian term referring to unconditional love, the highest form of love or charity.

Within a therapeutic context, agape is the intentional response to promote well-being when confronted by that which generates ill-being.

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Start releasing your chronic pain patterns by letting go of your residual trauma energies 

Sources Cited

  1. Kato K, Sullivan PF, Evengard B, et at. A population-based twin study of functional somatic syndromes. Psych Med. 2009;39:497-505. [PMC free article]
  2. Merskey H, Bogduk N. Classification of Chronic Pain: Descriptions of Chronic Pain Syndromes and Definitions of Pain Terms, 2nd Edition. Seattle, Washington: International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP) Press; 1994. [Google Scholar]
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