Energy Medicine

The Seven Chakras
Energy Medicine is “defined as any energetic or informational interaction with a biological system to bring back homeostasis in the organism”.

Above all, everything in the world is made of energy including our bodies. To illustrate, consider the healing traditions of many traditional cultures. Common descriptions of energy include the aura, the meridians, and the chakras.

Energy can be in different forms and different states. Furthermore, it clearly animates the physical elements that make up the body.

To be sure, any imbalances or blockages in energy flow will negatively impact well-being and are present long before physical symptoms appear.

The Emotion Code and Trapped Emotions

The Emotion CodeTo begin, Bradley Nelson DC is the author and creator of the Emotion Code™. Simply put, the Emotion Code is energy medicine for identifying and releasing trapped emotions. Conceptually, emotional energies getting stuck or trapped in the body is quiet ancient. As a matter of fact, Traditional Chinese Medicine discusses the concept of organ-emotion links.

“The mind and the spirit … contribute to physical fitness, but can also play a part in illness … a large percentage of all physical problems have emotional roots. Some researchers believe that as many as half of all patients who visit physicians have physical symptoms that are directly caused by emotions; others think the figure is as high as 90 to 95 percent.” (1)

Simply put, the trapping of emotional energies is collecting emotional baggage from life events. To illustrate, think of an electrical circuit. Plugging in too many items draws excessive electricity, activating the circuit breaker to protect the circuit. Similarly within the body, emotional energies from intense life events are too much to feel and process. This is a protective mechanism for everyone.

The following video explains the Emotion Code and trapped emotions.

Certified Emotion Code Practitioner
Certified Body Code Practitioner

Random Quote

God does not deprive us of His love; we deprive Him of our cooperation.

— Francis de Sales

Heart Walls

Suffering heartache or experiencing intense emotional pain is not enjoyable. As a consequence, defensive responses are often used for insulating the heart from others and the outside world.

These insulating barriers are called heart walls and are like putting the heart into a padded box. In fact, trapped emotions are the energetic building blocks used for constructing heart walls. Heart walls affect just about everyone.

For this reason, I strongly encourage educating yourself by watching this webinar from Brad Nelson.

The Body Code System

In addition, Brad Nelson is responsible for creating the Body Code™ Healing System. In short, the Body Code is a cutting-edge energy medicine healing system that can be used for identifying a wide variety of energetic imbalances.

Initially energetic imbalances often only reduce the function and efficiency of the affected structures. For example, there are a lot of shades of grey between black and white. Similarly there are a lot of steps between healthy and unhealthy.

Subsequently, if the imbalances remain, the dysfunction can grow into some sort of physiological condition or disease.

Imbalances fall within six primary categories that are at the energetic core of disease and discomfort.

  • Circuitry – includes the organs, glands and muscles that make up the physical body
  • Energetic – involves trapped emotions and other types of energy imbalances
  • Pathogens – deals with fungus, bacteria, viruses, mold and parasites
  • Nutritional – includes issues with the food we eat, including herbs and nutrients
  • Structural – involves the bones, nerves, and connective tissues of the body
  • Toxicity – deals with heavy metals, free radicals, chemicals and other environmental toxins.

Body Code Treatments

In short, Body Code™ treatments are similar to Emotion Code™ treatments. Both use muscle testing to access the bodies own inherent healing wisdom. Similarly imbalances are safely released by rolling a magnet down the Governing Vessel Meridian. In contrast, Body Code treatments allow a wider variety of imbalances to be released.

For example, during a Body Code treatment, the body may release or correct toxic energies. It may restore balance to an energy center, an acupuncture meridian, or any body system. Finally, the body may require support with specific foods, herbs or nutrients. In summary, no matter the history or presentation, the Body Code™ System gently re-balances the body.

What is Muscle Testing?

The conscious mind consists of about 10% of your intelligence. The other 90% is the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind archives everything we experience in life. It’s like a binary computer and can be asked “yes” or “no” questions.

Muscle testing determines answers from the subconscious mind by the physical response to things that are true or false. For example, when someone lies or says something that is false, the muscles of the body test weak. In contrast the opposite phenomenon, a strong muscle test, occurs when someone speaks the truth. It’s really that simple.

The Body Code™ System, which includes the Emotion Code™, are forms of energy medicine that utilize muscle testing to identify and release imbalances. Above all, it’s critical to emphasize that both modalities complement conventional medicine to improve overall health and well-being


  1. Hafen, Brent Q., Keith J. Karren, Kathryn J. Frandsen, N. Lee Smith. To Your Health – Gospel Perspectives on Nurturing the Mind, Body, and Spirit. American Fork: Covenant Communications, 1998. pp.13-14.

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