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Problems with disconnection

Relationships and Emotional Baggage

Life is all about building, maintaining, giving, and receiving through our relationships. No matter the age or stage in life, relationships are the foundation of our existence. Our relationships are ranging from intimate and individual. To being one among billions within the whole human family.

Relationships are about restoring and cultivating heart to heart connections. We all experience love, peace, joy, and serenity by aligning to our highest potential. We also experience neglect, conflict, persecution, and outright abuse. This is common when ignorance and fear prevail.

Over time, most of us end up collecting emotional baggage. Emotional baggage diminishes our ability to stay connected to others.


Here's What Some Are Saying...

Releasing my "Stones of Trauma"

I have received many types of alternative health treatments and have been a practitioner of various modalities for years. I initially found out about the Body Code System and Kent Smith by doing some research into options for dealing with some neurodegenerative issues.

Kent was receptive and addressed my questions during our initial phone conversation. I felt at ease once I understood more about how a Body Code “session” flows and how he uses muscle testing.

My initial intention in receiving the Body Code was to release some of the "Stones of Trauma" from my "Bowl of Light" and be more of a Light Being and less burdened.

I came to appreciate receiving hands-on bodywork after the Body Code to further release holding patterns in my body. In one session this combination was so profound that I was able to go for a long walk to the beach, for over an hour, without a cane or walking poles. My spine was balanced, and I had no pain in my legs.

In my work with Kent, I felt very safe with a sense of being cared for. His hand on my body was comfortable and I always felt good after the sessions with a feeling of Lightness in my being.

I highly recommend the work that Kent is offering and will receive sessions again as needed.

Monika Koernig , Retired Alternative Health Practitioner

More Than You Can Imagine

Learning about my cousins experience with the Body Code filled me with a curious skepticism. I was asking myself, "What kind of healing can happen over the phone with a stranger?"

In spite of this, I was willing to trust her and ended up contacting Kent. The Body Code is helping me discover and release the old wounds I've been carrying around. For instance, releasing my emotional baggage is like letting go of heavy, buried weights.

The clearing and healing I've been experiencing is profound. In short, receiving the Body Code has me answering my own question above with, “More than you can imagine!” Kent Smith is a truly gifted intuitive healer.

Domenica C. , Professional Chef

One of the best changes...I am feeling more open in my heart

I was pleased with the benefits I had received from the Emotion Code, but I was finding that I wanted more immediate results in my sessions. My intuition kept telling me that I would clear so much more if I was receiving bodywork along with the Emotion Code and so I started looking for a practitioner who did both together. It was hard to find someone but eventually I came across Kent’s website. I kept going back and reading, tuning in each time to see if it resonated and it did. I liked the clean, easy, quick descriptions on his website.

Kent uses and trusts the answers he gets with muscle testing implicitly. For example, during one session we were guided through a book that neither of us had read, and that wasn’t ours, to a page with what I needed. It talked about the exact supplement I was feeling prompted to buy but I hadn’t done so. In another session, I loved the feelings of having the weight of others lifted off me as I cleared the negative cords inherited from my ancestors. It wasn’t my stuff, I didn’t need to look at it or process it and so having it removed easily and quickly was such a relief.

I have been brought into a closer relationship with the inner presence within and above me, that guides and looks after me. Experiencing the purity and strength of that connection has changed my perspective. I acknowledge it more, the power that it is, confirms to me that I know what is best for me.

Besides feeling physically better, one of the best changes I’ve experienced is that I am feeling more open in my heart where I am wanting to date and really care for someone. This is huge for me, and I am seeing responses and how men are pursuing me.

There are a lot of great alternative health practitioners out there and I am pleased to recommend Kent as one of them whole heartedly.

Margaret J. , Education Assistant

Expansion in My Work Opportunities

Working with Kent Smith is quite extraordinary. I had never heard of the Body Code System, but I was open to receiving change. I was really wanting to manage my frustrations regarding money owed by a particular client. Clearing the imbalances creating my frustrations was only the beginning. Of equal importance, learning more about myself is something I never expected.

Understanding how life experiences end up creating emotional patterns is a real gift. Unwinding from these personal blocks is like having pieces of a puzzle fall into place. In addition, experiencing the physical feeling of freedom within my body has been amazing.

To sum up, Kent is wildly talented in using the Body Code System. Above all, it has really led to an expansion in my work opportunities. Kent is professional and kind, and has given me many insights that have resulted in positive changes in my external world.

T.W. , President and CEO in international finance

Dissolving What Stands in the Way

The Body Code is a remarkable modality. The best way of describing the Body Code is that it uncovers what lies hidden beneath the surface of an issue. Issues may be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual in nature. The Body Code ends up dissolving what stands in the way of healing. Thus restoring balance to the whole being.

Kent's approach using the Body Code can be applied in so many different ways. It feels like there is no problem too big to tackle. Kent provides a welcoming and safe space allowing you to express your needs openly. I have experienced significant shifts by feeling heard and supported by Kent. I highly recommend Kent as a practitioner.

Learn to Live With It

I'd been experiencing chronic lower back pain since the age of 16. After many years and receiving various treatments, I had given up hope that I would ever be pain free. I came to the conclusion that I would just have to "learn to live with it". Amazingly, three decades later, Kent Smith managed to relieve me of this chronic pain!

Understanding Kent's approach, and the way he worked was initially a little confusing. He was always stepping back and looking at my overall presentation, often working far away from the high pain zones. I soon began trusting his skill and intuition in knowing where my body needed treatment.

Moreover, feeling energy moving through my body was initially surprising. Kent was encouraging, helping me recognize this as a balancing taking place. Experiencing these emotional releases was something I never expected, but they've been part of healing my chronic muscle tightness.

On the whole, I have no hesitation in recommending Kent Smith as an integrative bodywork practitioner. Don't expect a "typical massage treatment", but look forward to receiving on an energetic level that is both physically and emotionally nurturing!

Rosemarie S. , High School Counsellor

What's in the way

Emotions and Limiting Beliefs

The words "to feel" describe both physical and emotional phenomena. Our nervous system feels physical sensations of temperature, pain, and pressure. It also feels emotional sensations of pleasure, fear, and grief. 

In Western culture, we often strive to separate the physical from the emotional. We're often embarrassed that our emotions play a part in our perception of things. Many assume that emotions can lead us astray or distort our understanding.

Devaluing emotions creates barriers in our relationships. These barriers prevent us from feeling and experiencing life to the fullest.

emotions pain relationships

Our emotions are completely interwoven with and reflect into our physical, mental and spiritual well-being. What we call "emotions" are a chemical translation of thoughts to reactions in the body. Limiting subconscious beliefs are usually acquired from Adverse Childhood Experiences, and they often persist into adulthood, below the level of our conscious awareness

These beliefs end up generating chronic stress responses, that cannot be controlled by the conscious mind. Once these physiological loops are established, they interfere with the ability to be present within our relationships.

What Happens in a session

Healing Your Relationships...

  • Are the same things repeated in your relationships?
  • Do you keep attracting unhealthy partners?
  • Is it difficult asking to have your needs met?
  • Do you have problems with boundaries?
  • Are you afraid of commitment?

Adverse Childhood Experiences and other traumas always have negative effects on relationships. Clearing away your emotional baggage and broken relationship patterns is possible! 

Kent Smith

I spent years experiencing frustration and exasperation in my relationships. I was doing the same things over and over, expecting different results. This is the definition of insanity, and it kept repeating until I realized I was the problem.

Of course, blaming yourself isn't the solution. Seeing that you're stuck in a repeating death spiral is the first step. Most relationships are dysfunctional. The level of dysfunction is greater for individuals with trauma histories.

Adverse Childhood Experiences and other traumas wreak havoc in a survivor's life. Accepting that your relationship issues are because of your history is a necessary step. This opens the door to the solution. You’re healing by releasing your emotional baggage and limiting beliefs. It's dismantling the invisible, protective walls that helped you survive.

The services offered at Agape Therapeutic represent my experience, strength, and hope. I draw from a spectrum of ongoing professional training and personal healing experiences.

Energy Medicine

Intuitive Bodywork

Creating a safe, judgement free space during your sessions is my top priority. Addressing your chronic relationship issues happens through constant communication and ongoing consent. I respect your voice and choices. I look forward to speaking with you soon!

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