My Core Values

The following core values are reflecting the essence of my belief structure. Connecting and sharing is essential for establishing a link with others. Moreover, building relationships means opening up and finding common ground. Doing so ends up making the world a better place.

By sharing my core values, I’m focusing on attracting like minded individuals rather than convincing anyone of anything. With this in mind, spend a minute reviewing the following and reach out if you’re guided to do so.Core Values

. . . a large percentage of all physical problems have emotional roots. Some researchers believe that as many as half of all patients who visit physicians have physical symptoms that are directly caused by emotions; others think the figure is as high as 90 to 95 percent. (1)

  • Every human being is dual-natured consisting of both body and spirit
  • The physical body is the instrument through which our spirit acts
  • All matter in the universe is sustained by a universal power or energy
  • Feelings, thoughts, emotions and beliefs are energy and directly impact our well-being

Heal My Childhood Traumas

I have been working with Kent over the past 5 years. Above all, Kent is enabling me to heal my childhood traumas and deep emotional pain. In short, he is intuitive, kind and powerful.

More Than You Can Imagine

Learning about my cousins experience with the Body Code filled me with a curious skepticism. I was asking myself, “What kind of healing can happen over the phone with a stranger?”  In spite of this, I was willing to trust her and ended up contacting Kent. The Body Code is helping me discover and release […]

Expansion in My Work Opportunities

Working with Kent Smith is quite extraordinary. I had never heard of the Body Code System, but I was open to receiving change. I was really wanting to manage my frustrations regarding money owed by a particular client. Clearing the imbalances creating my frustrations was only the beginning. Of equal importance, learning more about myself […]

Dissolving What Stands in the Way

The Body Code is a remarkable modality. The best way of describing the Body Code is that it uncovers what lies hidden beneath the surface of an issue. Issues may be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual in nature. The Body Code ends up dissolving what stands in the way of healing. Thus restoring balance to […]

Sessions were Transforming

Kent and I became acquainted through a training program. Learning about the Body Code was interesting as it’s another approach to healing. I tried three Body Code Sessions with Kent, each looking at separate issues. The path to revealing and healing the imbalances was sometimes surprising and slightly entertaining. I never knew the direction each […]

Dealing With Lifelong Pain Issues

I have played contact sports for all my life. I have also had several car accidents. Kent has solved many of my major sports injuries and also used his expertise in dealing with lifelong pain issues due to emotional stress. I am so grateful that I have found such a great integrative bodywork practitioner. You […]

Learn to Live With It

I’d been experiencing chronic lower back pain since the age of 16. After many years and receiving various treatments, I had given up hope that I would ever be pain free. I came to the conclusion that I would just have to “learn to live with it”. Amazingly, three decades later, Kent Smith managed to […]

Integrative Bodywork

I’ve been a client of Kent’s since 2007. I can attest to his integrative bodywork skills that keep me going, allowing me to work as hard as I do. Most often my sessions are consisting of deep tissue work but at times I require the Body Code. The Body Code was very helpful in my […]

Finding the Path to My Core Values

To begin, finding the path to my core values was seeming near impossible. Certainly, opening up was scary as was learning to trust myself. Moreover, letting go of long held behaviors is frustrating and at times disheartening.
Path to Core Values
To be sure, examining my attachments was causing a bumping up against myself. In fact, this was triggering my defenses and causing all kinds of feelings to rise up and out. Furthermore, surrendering my coping mechanisms was an ongoing faith and trust building experience.

Ironically, accepting my powerlessness over controlling others was, in essence, the key to discovering the path to my core values.

Beginning Without a Foundation

Without a FoundationStarting out, I was living within a family dynamic without a foundation.

In short, alcoholism is a progressively addictive and destructive condition, manifesting as mental illness and compulsive behaviors resulting from alcohol dependency. Essentially, anyone playing their role within these sorts of dysfunctional family relationships are experiencing a constant stream of chaos and drama.

For me, it felt like continually sinking in quicksand and an ongoing sense of insecurity and inferiority.

Consequently, I was never remaining present for any length of time. To be specific, I was either resenting someone or something from the past or imbibing illusions of power and control regarding some future experience.

Indeed, at times, I was like a pendulum swinging back and forth between extremes. On the whole, I was constantly isolating myself and using several addictions as emotional anesthesia.

Even when achieving a goal, like graduating from university, it wasn't satisfying or exciting at all. Ironically, graduating from university brought into focus an impending sense of doom and of being hopelessly trapped.

Choice Points and Finding Focus

In hindsight, choice points are always a blessing. Often appearing in disguise, choice points are delivering an opportunity of finding focus and building a foundation.

The choice of deciding to change for the better is always there, and yet, sometimes we need a nudge to get the message. For instance, shortly after graduating from university I was receiving a perfectly orchestrated "nudge" in the form of a five car accident.
Car Accident Choice Point
Steady pain has power in breaking down resistance, thus I became willing to take stock and look at my true nature. To be sure, this event was the first of many "nudges" I've ended up receiving along the way.

"You cannot solve a problem with the same level of thinking that created it"
Albert Einstein

As has been noted, connecting is essential in establishing a link with anyone, especially yourself. Indeed, out of a place of desperation I began reaching out and looking for new ways of living that brought any sense of relief and peace.

Physically, that meant seeking drug free solutions for body pain which eventually led me to receiving therapeutic bodywork. The astonishing relief of regular bodywork sessions was a motivating factor in becoming a registered massage therapist.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience."
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Spiritual Connection
Spiritually, that meant ongoing regular contact with other human beings and finding a nurturing connection with my Higher Power or Source.

Reconciling and rebuilding requires real effort, time and money. To be sure, recovery is learning to wield a sharp two edged sword that cuts both ways.

Ultimately, finding focus on a path of practicing healthy living skills takes time and there are no shortcuts.

Embracing Integrative Bodywork

As has been noted, becoming a registered massage therapist was inspired in large part from receiving bodywork in 1989.

During and after my training, I continued observing clients having completely different responses to therapeutic bodywork. Some clients were responding very well, while many others were experiencing little or no lasting relief.

Indeed, for certain types of clients, it was like I was going to the hardware store trying to buy milk. In short, I wasn't addressing their underlying issues.

Emotion Code Certification & Death of a Career

In 2009, I was gifted a book entitled "The Emotion Code" written by Bradley Nelson, DC. In essence, he was shouting what I had been missing. Above all, Dr. Nelson was saying that pain and dysfunction are often emotional and energetic in nature.

Learning and using the Emotion Code was just as impacting on me personally as had been receiving bodywork 20 years earlier. Becoming a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner in 2010, was the beginning of the end of my career as a massage therapist.

Again, I was scared and resisting the obvious next step of embracing a career in integrative bodywork. In short, I was sitting on the fence and lining myself up for additional choice points.

Getting My Attention & Body Code Certification

Subsequently, in January 2015, another choice point was delivered. It came disguised as being hit by a truck as a pedestrian. Ultimately, by November that year, I had completed training as a Certified Body Code Practitioner but I wasn't yet letting go of being a massage therapist.

Another choice point came June 2016, disguised as a detached retina in my left eye. In hindsight, rapidly going blind during that one week period was instrumental in helping me see what I had to do next. Thereafter, I started separating that professional labels have little or nothing to do with ones capacity for alleviating suffering and discomfort.

Finally in 2018, after 24-years in practice, I was surrendering my license as a massage therapist and fully moving forward in integrative bodywork.


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