Services Offered

Seeking relief from the physical, mental, emotional, and societal affects arising from adverse childhood experiences is highly beneficial for your well-being.

It's conservatively estimated that about 34% of adults are using at least one type of alternative health modality regularly as part of their health care routine.

The most common reasons so many are seeking natural alternatives include:

  • Dissatisfaction with the effectiveness, costs, side-effects, and the impersonal technology of conventional options
  • Lack of personal control and autonomy over personal health care options and decisions
  • Philosophical incompatibility between the conventional wisdom and your personal values regarding health

Virtual and in-person sessions are available through Agape Therapeutic, including energy medicine and intuitive bodywork. 

 The Body Code™ System, which includes the Emotion Code™, as well as PSYCH-K® are forms of energy medicine that utilize muscle testing to identify and release imbalances and/or limiting beliefs. Above all, it's critical to emphasize that these energy medicine modalities complement conventional medicine to improve overall health and well-being.

Outcomes and What to Expect

Outcomes from energy medicine and intuitive bodywork sessions range on a spectrum from subtle to profound. Each person is unique with varied life experiences, so the pace of healing is not exact or predictable.

It is like dropping a pebble into a pond, the waves ripple out from the center point over the whole surface of the pond. Releasing imbalances creates ripples of healing throughout your physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual bodies.

healing ripples moving through

In a session, we focus on releasing the imbalances that are underlying or creating an issue. After the session, you can expect two things:

  • An ‘integrative healing period’ or a ‘physiological processing’ which usually lasts from 1 to 3 days. Less than 20% of the time, there are processing symptoms such as minor emotional irritability or a little fatigue. Occasionally, some people experience more uncomfortable symptoms such as headache or nausea. You can make the processing period easier by getting extra sleep, drinking a lot of pure water, avoiding stressful situations, and practicing your regular self-care routine.
  • Awareness of the habits associated with what we released. Coping mechanisms or survival skills are learned habits that run on autopilot. Our unhealthy habits can be unlearned and replaced with healthy ones. Some clients may feel subtle or dramatic changes right away, while others may need more release work before noticeable unwinding from unhealthy habits takes place. For greater insight, check out this article from James Clear.