Share Your Success Story!

Are you thrilled with what's been changing by working together with us? Your trust and hard work have made all the difference, and we can't thank you enough for your positive impact. 

We love celebrating our client success stories because your success is our success. Who doesn't love a well-deserved celebration? So, in that spirit, we are asking you to share about your healing success story.

Client Testimonials

Your personal experiences will speak to those struggling with similar issues. No matter what a person is experiencing, it's always helpful for them to know that they're not alone.

So, if we made it super simple and easy for you, would you be willing to do a written or video testimonial? Here's the process that we'd go through. 

Four Super Simple Easy Steps
  1. We'll arrange a time to meet in-person or over Zoom (preferred) and have an informal interview. We'll want to record your answers to a series of simple questions in our conversation.
  2. We then take away your answers to edit, work on, and smooth out. Our focus is on keeping it simple and making sure that it flows. The preliminary content may be text, video, or both.
  3. We then send these details to you for review. This isn't about perfection, but it's about relatability. You're free to make any changes you want, and we'll move onto the next step only when you're happy.
  4. We then request your permission to use this content along with your name and a photo. This is a written email request to create the legal paper trail. You choose about a photo and how your name will appear. The name options include using your full name; first name with surname first initial; and first name initial with surname.

If you're interested, drop me a note to arrange a time to get together.