Client Testimonials

Client TestimonialsWorking with others is one of the best things about what I do. Showing up and being present to witness and support another individuals’ healing process is a great gift. Feedback, both positive and negative, helps me evolve and grow as a healing practitioner. Here are some of the client testimonials that I’ve received over the years…

Heal my childhood traumas

I have been working with Kent over the past 5 years. Above all, Kent is enabling me to heal my childhood traumas and deep emotional pain. In short, he is intuitive, kind and powerful.

Ekram I.

More than you can imagine

Learning about my cousins experience with the Body Code filled me with a curious skepticism. I was asking myself, “What kind of healing can happen over the phone with a stranger?” 

In spite of this, I was willing to trust her and ended up contacting Kent. The Body Code is helping me discover and release the old wounds I’ve been carrying around. For instance, releasing my emotional baggage is like letting go of heavy, buried weights.

The clearing and healing I’ve been experiencing is profound. In short, receiving the Body Code has me answering my own question above with, “More than you can imagine!”  Kent Smith is a truly gifted intuitive healer.

Domenica C.
Professional Chef

Life experiences end up creating emotional patterns

Working with Kent Smith is quite extraordinary. I had never heard of the Body Code System, but I was open to receiving change. I was really wanting to manage my frustrations regarding money owed by a particular client. Clearing the imbalances creating my frustrations was only the beginning. Of equal importance, learning more about myself is something I never expected.

Understanding how life experiences end up creating emotional patterns is a real gift. Unwinding from these personal blocks is like having pieces of a puzzle fall into place. In addition, experiencing the physical feeling of freedom within my body has been amazing.

To sum up, Kent is wildly talented in using the Body Code System. Above all, it has really led to an expansion in my work opportunities. Kent is professional and kind, and has given me many insights that have resulted in positive changes in my external world.

Name Withheld
President and CEO in international finance

Dissolving what stands in the way

The Body Code is a remarkable modality. The best way of describing the Body Code is that it uncovers what lies hidden beneath the surface of an issue. Issues may be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual in nature. The Body Code ends up dissolving what stands in the way of healing. Thus restoring balance to the whole being.

Kent’s approach using the Body Code can be applied in so many different ways. It feels like there is no problem too big to tackle. Kent provides a welcoming and safe space allowing you to express your needs openly. I have experienced significant shifts by feeling heard and supported by Kent. I highly recommend Kent as a practitioner.

Natalie M.
Massage Practitioner, Doula & Intuitive Healer

Sessions were transforming

Kent and I became acquainted through a training program. Learning about the Body Code was interesting as it’s another approach to healing. I tried three Body Code Sessions with Kent, each looking at separate issues. The path to revealing and healing the imbalances was sometimes surprising and slightly entertaining. I never knew the direction each session would take. I’m at a loss for words actually describing the healing process. Overall, the Body Code sessions were transforming and safe and I would recommend them to anyone!

Kimberly S.
Intuitive Healer & Coach

Deal with lifelong pain issues

I have played contact sports for all my life. I have also had several car accidents. Kent has solved many of my major sports injuries and also used his expertise to deal with lifelong pain issues due to emotional stress. I am so grateful that I have found such a great bodywork practitioner. You should give him a try. You won’t regret it.

Mandy M.
Auto Bodyshop Manager

Knowing where my body needed treatment

I’d been experiencing chronic lower back pain since the age of 16. After many years and receiving various treatments, I had given up hope that I would ever be pain free. I came to the conclusion that I would just have to “learn to live with it”. Amazingly, three decades later, Kent Smith managed to relieve me of this chronic pain!

Understanding Kent’s approach, and the way he worked was initially a little confusing. He was always stepping back and looking at my overall presentation, often working far away from the high pain zones. I soon began trusting his skill and intuition in knowing where my body needed treatment.

Moreover, feeling energy moving through my body was initially surprising. Kent was encouraging, helping me recognize this as healing taking place. Experiencing these emotional releases was something I never expected, but they’ve been part of healing my chronic muscle tightness.

On the whole, I have no hesitation in recommending Kent Smith as an intuitive healing practitioner. Don’t expect a “typical massage” treatment, but do expect treatment on an energetic level and healing both physically and emotionally!


Rosemarie S.
High School Counsellor

Intuitive gift of treatment

I’ve been a patient of Kent’s since 2007. I can attest to his intuitive gift of treatment that keeps me going and allows me to work as hard as I do. Most often my treatments consist of deep tissue work but at times
I require the Body Code.

The Body Code was very helpful in my grieving the sudden loss of my brother. It’s also helped me let go of other emotional issues from traumatic childhood events.

Kent listens and adapts his treatments to the specific needs of his clients. I’ve referred my friends and family to him with great results. I feel very fortunate to have found Kent as my bodywork practitioner and I’ll follow him wherever he goes.

Laurie J.

Certified Emotion Code Practitioner
Certified Body Code Practitioner

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